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♥ Happy Birthday, Alex Turner ♥

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I don’t understand how Alex is so gorgeous.

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Ezra Koenig’s eyes in the “Giving Up the Gun” video

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Reckless Serenade || ✘Alex & Arielle✘


The man shrugged his shoulders up slightly, looking over her shoulder then back to her with a light chuckle. ”Katy drinks it all the time and I literally grabbed whatever, and I know you’re not too picky with Vodka, am I right?” He questioned, walking a bit closer to the female. He watched as she wrapped her lips perfectly around the vodka bottle, not even caring if it was noticeable that he couldn’t take his eyes off of her.  Maybe it wasn’t his brightest idea on coming over here, of course, he still had feelings flowing around for Arielle and that couldn’t have been any surprise. He loved her and that split between them also torn him up like a shredder, but then again, he was almost positive that she was oblivious to that fact since he barely even told himself that he still loved the girl beside him. 

”Should I even bother then? You should just live out of your suitcase for a while, I mean, I’m still doing that.” He grinned, walking over to her bag and moving it slightly. ”Already looks cleaner.” Alex joked, making his way back to where he was first planted; next to the other. He listened intently to her replies, trying to keep his attention away from her features. Feelings honestly were shit, he hated every bit of them, he had Alexa now, but still wanted Arielle. It wasn’t the prettiest situation to be having. Before the male could say something back, the glass bottle was being pressed against his lips — emitting a low laugh as he finally grabbed it. ”Ah, yes, of course.” The musician smirked, pulling the drink to his lips and taking in one large sip. ”Blegh…” He groaned, shaking his head as the burning sensation trickled down his throat; his body already starting to heat up. 

”Just remember, I did in fact have a few drinks of wine before coming here..” Alex grinned, taking another sip of the glass before handing it back to the brunette. He switched his position slightly, turning his body to sit on the edge of the bed. ”C’mere.” He grinned, patting the spot on the bed next to him. In truth be told, it was immensely hard in resisting her. Whether it be simply embracing her as long as he could, or letting his lips fall against her own. Something that wasn’t going to end well with a different party. It was just something he didn’t feel the need to worry about as of now. 

The walls surrounding them were not the ones she was familiar with, nothing in the room was familiar besides the suitcase filled with scattered clothes and even those seemed a stranger compared to the man before her. She couldn’t help the way a smile curled on her lips when he let a few clumsy jokes fill the space between them. Nothing in the room was what she was used to and yet every thing in the world felt as if it were falling into place until this room that she had never stepped into felt like home. Maybe she was a silly girl getting lost in the idea that his train of thought could be on the same track as hers so she tried to smother that idea with the burning liquid in her stomach.

She felt a small laugh rise in her chest at the expression on his face as he took a drink, “You were never too good at that.” she teased, thankful for a distraction from her own thoughts, which were currently bouncing rapidly around her head until they left dents in her skull and a dull humming in her ears. “Are you saying that you’re already starting to feel a little something, Mr. Turner?” her eyes studied the sharp curve of his jaw that led to the slope of his neck and the ache to nuzzle her nose into the area was nearly overwhelming. Her thoughts returned to the past and she knew she would try it if he gave her the chance. She took one more drink before setting the bottle on the table beside her bed.

Warm alcohol coursed slowly through her veins and she could understand why they called it liquid courage. She knew if she were close enough then she would try to treat him as she did before their split. She would sing offkey to him and plant seeds of affection along his jaw, she would trace her name with her fingertips along his neck, and she would lose herself to him as she always did. She knew she hadn’t had enough to drink to blame the alcohol but when it came to Alex she didn’t need an excuse.

She caught her bottom lip between her teeth while a shy smile crossed her lips, she had known him for years and yet this was as if they were meeting each other all over again, this felt new and exciting. She made her way to the bed and took the offered seat. “Happy birthday.” she whispered, taking his hand in both of hers. She spread his fingers out on her palm, staring at the way their hands looked together before she brought his to her lips, pressing a delicate kiss to each of his knuckles.

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Do I Wanna Know?
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Good, how do you like the house?


There are some things I’m not too fond about but for the most part it all seems pretty interesting. I can’t complain, I suppose.

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Cheers, m’love. Thank you!! 


Do I still get my hangout time, birthday boy?

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Reckless Serenade || ✘Alex & Arielle✘


Alex waited patiently for the female to enclose their space by taking him in from the door. It was definitely a party on the inside for him, his emotions, his feelings for this very girl, everything. He had always been the type of guy that lacked on showing his emotions towards anything, mostly relationship topics and sometimes, it never worked out very well. Having two of the same girls that he loved dearly in the same house with him was going to be something he would have to get used to, even if it wasn’t easy, it was going to have to be made possible. 

Tricking out his thoughts, the man instantly forgot about what he was contemplating a second ago once he heard that familiar voice he hadn’t heard quite well in so long. Leaning up from the wall, the man then ran his fingers through his quiff just to refresh it. Muffling went around behind that door, causing him to arch his eyebrow slightly with a chuckle emitting from under his breath. Before he could say anything from behind the door, it was already being tugged open. Revealing that beautiful brunette — instantly feeling more relaxed and mellow. 

Alex stayed silent for a moment after she spoke, just taking in on what he had missed about her, those adorable eyes, that perfectly aligned hair that would drape along her shoulders, her simple smile that was once his reason to smile as well…He could go on. ”…Oh, yeah, hi.” The male grinned; relaxing into the hug as he held her tighter. ”Here…Take it.” The musician laughed softly, before handing her the vodka bottle he had took from his roommate — soon stepping all the way into the room and shutting the door with his foot. ”Aye, it’s not too bad in here.” He spoke, turning himself around on the ball of his foot to face her once again. ”Ohp, nope, there’s the messy suitcase.” He chuckled; another grin appearing onto his features. Being in her presence was something he couldn’t get enough of. She was always just so interesting to talk to, immensely fun to be around, all in all, rare. ”I missed you.” The male finally said, looking back into her emerald orbs. 

Arielle hated the cheesy romance movies, silly girls throwing their personalities away for a boy with a smile as crooked as his intentions, but as she felt herself mold around the man’s form she understood why they would. Every star in the sky reflected through her pores, while the heat of the sun flooded her veins. She thought about commenting on it like she had in the past, when they were tangled in each other and she would mutter about the solar system until he would kiss her quiet. But as the bottle was shoved into her hand reality tightened around her throat. That was then and this world she was in now was a different universe entirely.

She held the bottle up as she turned back towards her room, eyes studying over the label until they fell on the only part that mattered, “80 proof? Not bad.” a slight smirk tugged on her lips. Without wasting a moment she twisted the lid free and brought the rim to her lips. She had never believed in watering down a perfectly good drink and the tickle of alcohol on her tongue was always worth the burn in her throat. Her eyes fell shut while she lost herself in the way the warmth of the drink spread from her mouth through her veins until she felt like nothing less than one of the stars she always spoke of. The sound of his voice was nearly as intoxicating as the bottle in her hand and it urged her to take another drink but there was nothing attractive about getting sloppy.

Her eyes glanced over at the mess of clothes he spoke of but she shrugged it all away, “Even if you put it all away it’ll only be a mess again by the end of the week.” a grin broke out across her face, her tongue peeking out before being captured between her teeth. She toyed with the container in her hand, the urge to drink returning at his words but instead she shrugged her shoulders as if that was some kind of answer. “Ditto.” the smile returned as she rose the bottle to his mouth, “Drink. In honor of our glorious reunion.” her nose scrunched before her features were consumed by the joyous smile she always wore around him.

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